Saturday, July 16, 2011

James and Della Dillinghan

My version of Jim and Della from "The Gift of the Magi".


  1. cool stuffs, just something that pops in my head seeing this. first of all, I don't know the story at all, but if they are hero characters, they need to be more attractive somehow, right now, they look very plain and more like background characters. nothing really stand out but the girls hair. the guy is wearing normal clothing but looks way too clean, no sign of weathering or hardship. give him a prop, tools or something to make him special. show more of the chest with unbottom shirt or somthing not in a clean normal way to make him stand out. the girl can have some flower or necklace or something so they can look more appealing.
    apart from the design choices, you also need to becareful of the perspective and weight balance in your design. the guy looks like his screen right part is leading forward, however, his screen right foot is back in space. it doesn't look like his feet are in the same perspective plain. the girl needs a better hair design, right now it is very heavy on the screen left part and her feet has the same problam as the guy's. these are just some little things that we all know but always forget. I like your color choices and looks like the girl character is more rander out, maybe you can darken the vaule of the hair to pop her more forward in space. the guy looks flat as of right now and needs more work.
    These are just my two cents and hopefully it helps. Good job Joe!

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  3. Dude thanks for the crit! Ok just a little note for the girl character since you said you dont know the story. The girl has very very long beautiful hair. They are couple, in love each other. Eventually the girl will cut her hair and sell it to get money to buy a gift for him. Thats why i designed her hair to be the first read and her face second. Other than that you were right about everthing! I think my main problem other than drawing and painting skill is im not patience enough to stop when i should and come back to continue work on it after. I always try to paint and finish in on shot, so many times after couple hrs of work, i started to get lazy and ignore all mistakes i made. Thanks again man!