Friday, June 12, 2009

Sketch book

My doodle... A page from my summer sketchbook. Nothing special on this page...but many people respond and had feedback on this page. So I think I should do something more like this.

A lone boat

Some from my sketch book spread

I've been practiced painting in watercolor during summer vocation. Had a lot of fun and I got something from going out to sketch everyday....sunburn!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Digital painting study

I spent some of my spare time before I go to bed doing this painting. It's a master copy study, done in photoshop. This concept painting is originally by Gary Tonge, one of the UK's top conceptual designers. I saw his painting from a book and I think his art is really cool, so I just pick one of his painting to draw. I tried to paint very loose and I satisfy for its result.

The Color Rendering

Finally! I have time to update my blog. Here is my Color Rendering, a painting from 113a class. I spent a good (and bad) 80 - 90 hours (may be more!) on this piece. The actual size is 8"x 8" same size as the B/W rendering. I've learnt a lot from this project. This piece was probably my first "serious" painting in my life! And of course, I should have done better if I had at least one more day. But I've already put all of my effort (pull all nighter for two weeks!) on this painting.

And thanks for Cameron Chun and John Clapp for their little advise